Believe It or Not, this Woman Wanted to Celebrate Her 100th Birthday in a Prison

This North Carolina woman spent her 100th birthday in a jail, by choice.

Ruth Bryant always wanted to be jailed so the local sheriff in Roxboro ‘obliged’ to fulfil this centenarian’s unusual wish for her milestone birthday.

Bryant laughed as she was processed through jail and was excited that she’s finally in the jailhouse!

She was dancing her way through dressed in an orange jumpsuit and getting her mug shots.

At least 4 deputies from the Person County Sheriff’s office participated and came into the Cambridge Hills Assisted Living Centre where Bryant lives and arrested her.

Centenarian’s Wish to Be Jailed Comes True

When the deputies came in, they asked ‘Are you Ms. Bryant?’ to which she responded ‘it all depends on what you want!’

Bryant was hauled off in cuffs and the deputies dodged her kicks while placing her in the police car- she also kicked back. One of the deputies said to not kick him as he has a bad knee.

The feisty centenarian responded ‘I’ve got two bad knees!’

Her daughter Marian Oakley was looking in disbelief.

She said that she knew she was celebrating her 100th birthday, but she didn’t know the deputies would go this far. Her mother was stripped off her jewellery and given one phone call before she was briefly behind bars.

The arrest was a full experience for Bryant, with all the lights and sirens flashing and blaring.

When she left the patrol car in front of her nursing home, she actually offered the deputies a next assignment- ‘the people who make these low damn seats in all these cars, you ought to arrest every one of them.’

What Happened when She Was Behind Bars?

When in jail, the centenarian was treated like a real criminal. Orange jumpsuit, mug shots, and all the other jail procedures!

When she went back to her assisted living centre, she had a party with a cake.





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