China Has Sent a Team of Experts to Italy to Help in the Fight against COVID-19

Several days ago, 9 experts from China and tons of medical help have been on a special flight to Italy to help the country’s fight against the severe coronavirus outbreak.

China was the epicenter of the outbreak which first happened in December, 2019 and their health authorities claim the peak has passed after there’s been a steady drop in the new cases.

China has been fighting with this deadly epidemic for several months now; they’ve also sent help to Iraq and Iran to help in the fight against the virus.

Experts & Medical Aid Arrived in Rome

The flight with medical experts and medical supplies arrived in Rome to help Italy which has more than 15,000 infected people and more than 1,000 deaths, which is the most outside of China.

Italian specialists have been on the forefront since the first day, according to Francesco Rossa, the president of the Red Cross in Italy. He also added that an exchange of experiences with researchers is pivotal.

The Chinese team includes the VP of the Chinese Red Cross and a renowned cardio pulmonary IC expert, as well as nurses and pediatricians who worked on the outbreak in China.

The medical aid which they brought with them to China contains respiratory materials, ventilators, electro-cardiography machines, and a lot of masks.

Rossa said that they’re desperate for masks and respirators which China has brought to their country and it’s the most important donation.

Overloaded Health Care System

The Italian health care system has been overloaded, especially in the north of the country.

Hospitals have been transformed into triage wards where nurses and doctors are making unthinkable decisions about who lives and who doesn’t.

When the Chinese team arrived in Rome, they were met by the Italian health officials.

During a phone call prior to their arrival, the foreign minister of China, Wang Yi, told the foreign minister of Italy, Luigi Di Maio, that Italy would have the full support of Beijing in the fight against the virus.

In China, the virus took away the lives of more than 3,100 people and infected more than 80,000 worldwide.

Italy remains the most hit country after China which has led to the country’s government to issue a total lockdown trying to contain the virus.

China Has Reached Out to Spain as well

China has also offered its help to China in the fight against the virus- the country has more than 4,200 cases of the virus and half of them are in Madrid.

The country has a lockdown similar to the one in Italy.





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