Meet the ‘Shopping Angels’: Student’s Network of Volunteers Helps Elderly Shop for Groceries amidst COVID-19 Outbreak

Jayde Powell is one of the ‘shopping angels’ who’s working closely with a growing group of volunteers in supplying elderly and ill people with groceries amidst the lockdowns and quarantines because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Powell, an honor student at the Nevada University, Reno came up with the idea to find several volunteers to help her out when her mother mentioned calling their elderly neighbors and find out if they need something.

Powell said that as a pre-med student, she’s well aware that elderly or people with some preexisting health problems like weakened immunity or lung or heart issues are at a higher risk of catching the coronavirus.

Powell’s Kindness Spreads

She contacted 20 members of her medical fraternity and this was the beginning of the Shopping Angels. With the needs growing, she also contacted other classmates and asked for their help on her social media.

She’s happy that Shopping Angels have been revealed to the nation- one day; she woke up with 20 voicemails and 56 emails and got volunteers from Long Island, Connecticut, LA, phoenix, etc.

As of March 13, the 20-year-old med student has been carefully selecting and connecting volunteers throughout the country with the people who need this service the most through social media, e-mails, and phone calls.

What Do the Shopping Angels Do for the most Vulnerable?

Some of the elderly that these volunteers help give them a budget and a shopping list whereas some decide to choose their groceries on their own online and the shopping angels bring them to their doorstep.

But, Powell advises all elderly people who’re lacking in budget to not fear reaching out to the Shopping Angels. If these people can’t afford basic needs like toilet paper or soap, they can still ask for these things from the Angels.

Powell’s GoFundMe page directs the donations for the people who’re in a risky group, yet are short on money to get their needed supplies.

Anderson Dairy based in LA already reached out the volunteer group to donate them dairy products.

They said that they want to help to people who may feel alone in moments like this.

Maximum Protection Is Pivotal

The shopping angels all wear masks and gloves during deliveries, transportations, and pickups. Also, the volunteers don’t enter the homes of the people- for their own safety and for the safety of the elderly.

Want to get involved with the Shopping Angels? Reach out to them on their Facebook page.