Quarantine Stories: This 80-Year-Old Granny Gets a Happy Birthday Song from Neighbors on Balconies

Even though they’re in lockdown because of the coronavirus outbreak, these neighbors found a way to surprise their 80-year-old neighbor on her birthday with a cake and a song.

They placed a birthday cake in front of her door and also sang her ‘Happy Birthday’ from their balconies while she applauded them.

The heartwarming video of the surprise was taken in Lavapies, the Spanish capital of Madrid.

We’re Here for Each Other

A kind neighbor is seen knocking on her door before he returns to a safe distance and calls out her name, Charo.

When the granny opened the door, she saw a birthday cake on the small table and then went inside to hear her neighbors singing her Happy Birthday from their balconies and windows.

In Spain, there is a strict lockdown as part of the measures to cease the virus’s spreading. Unfortunately, in Spain, there are 11,400 diagnosed people with the virus and 499 deaths.

Sweet Neighbor Bursts in Tears

When Charo saw the cake in front of her door, she was fighting back tears because she was overwhelmed by the emotions from the surprise.

She retreated into her apartment and then heard everyone singing her a song for her birthday.

She waved to everyone and thanked them with a round of applause.

A strong sense of community in many neighborhoods has risen in these days of fear and uncertainty.

Charo Is Going through a Difficult Time, Say Neighbors

According to her neighbor Nacho, the sweet lady is going through a difficult period and at least they can show their support.

She’s 80 years old and is at risk from the virus.

During the lockdown, Spanish residents can only leave their homes if they have to go to work, to shop for groceries, and go to the pharmacy, bank or the medical centre.

In cars, only one person is allowed, unless they’re caring for an elderly or a disabled person.

Dog owners may leave their homes, but they’re banned from parks. They can walk their dogs 50 meters from their place of living.





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