The Right One Won’t Mind Your Flaws, Weirdness & Overthinking

Finding the right partner is one of the most magical things in life- we love this person genuinely and he/she loves us too.

However, not every person has the privilege to spend their days with a soul mate- many of them haven’t found their right one yet.

But, don’t think that his person will be some kind of a perfect individual.

What makes them perfect is how willing they are to accept your flaws because we all have them- no one is perfect!

For that person, you’ll be perfect with all your flaws.

The person who’s the one won’t mind your flaws and will accept you for the real you. They will always find time to discuss things with you and listen to your needs.

If you have a stable and good communication despite obstacles, this person could become your forever partner.

Below, check out some other ways in which you can learn that this person is the best one for you!

How to Know He/She Is the Right One?

  • They forgive you

Forgiving your partner and not assigning blame is a major factor for long-term, successful relationships.

When partners can’t take responsibility or they don’t have a good perception of their partner after these experiences, the relationship won’t be able to improve.

The right one will always show kindness, forgiveness, and empathy for your ups and downs.

  • No need for a mask

With the right one, you’ll feel free since the moment you start your relationship. They will look at all you do with enjoyment and gladly hear you opening up your soul.

They can understand and will protect and comfort you all the time.

With them, you needn’t wear a mask like we often do with other people in our life. This person knows you the most and knows you the best.

  • They try to understand you and your actions

A person who’s your soul mate won’t judge you when you’re doing something wrong, but they’ll want to help you understand what you did and how it impacted them.

They will give you space to talk and pay attention to your emotions and discuss things.

They won’t take things personally and will be the one in which you can confide and strive to become better together.

  • They love you in every moment

The right one won’t get turned off when you’re not wearing makeup or if you’re beard isn’t neat and shaved.

They won’t care if you’re in loose sweatpants or jeans.

They love you regardless of your outer appearance and will always give you compliments, no matter how self-conscious you may feel in the moment.

  • They’ll cherish your weirdness

When the right partner is by your side, they’ll never judge your weirdness, but on the contrary, they’ll celebrate it!

They’ll also get loud and crazy with you and make you laugh until your belly hurts. They’re your perfect fit.

  • They don’t dislike your intensity

A person who loves you won’t find you ‘too intense’.

They’ll enjoy your constant texts, your constant calls, your good and bad sides. They’ll always be proud of you and proud to call you their boyfriend or girlfriend.

  • They’ll always comfort you and cheer for you

The forever partner will be there for you through thick and thin. They’ll always remind you how much they love and care for you and how much they appreciate you.

They’ll always tell you how beautiful you are because they want you to feel as beautiful as you are in their eyes. They want to make sure you don’t feel like you’re wasting their time, but that he/she is enjoying every second of it.





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