This Local Pizzeria Puts Shelter Dog Flyers on Pizza Boxes to Help Them Find a Forever Home

The Niagara SPCA from Amherst, NY teamed up with Just Pizza to help foster the shelter dogs they have.

To this extent, the customers who order from the 2319 Niagara Falls Blvd. this weekend will see a flyer of an adoptable dog on the front of their pizza boxes.

The local pizzeria hopes that this unique idea will motivate customers to adopt the pet or share it with the friends who might be in a search for a furry best friend.

According to Mary Alloy, owner of the pizzeria, they’re always looking for ways to give back and when they were approached by SPCA Niagara about advertising their dogs through their pizza boxes, they didn’t think twice.

They hope their faithful customers will enjoy seeing these cute dogs as much as they do and that it will be of aid in finding them loving homes which they all deserve.

Helping Shelter Dogs Find a Forever Home

The customers who buy pizza are also encouraged by the pizzeria and the SPCA to share photos of the pizza boxes on their social media.

This is because the more people see these adoptable dogs, the higher are the chances of finding a suitable home.

They’re beyond grateful for people’s support that they’ve decided to offer a great incentive for the people who adopt a dog from the flyers on their pizzas.

If you adopt them, you bring the flyer to the SPCA and you get a $50 gift certificate that you can use in this pizzeria.

How Do the Flyers Look Like?

The flyers contain a photo of the adoptable dog (very cute btw) and on the top of the flyer, it says ‘Please adopt me!’

Under the photo, there’s a brief bio of the dog- for example, one says ‘My name is Solstice and I’m 2. I live at Niagara SPCA. I’d like to live with you.’

Then, there’s address and phone number of the shelter as well as a reminder to share the photo of the flyer on social media.

What an amazing idea, don’t you agree? How great it would be if all other pizzerias and other restaurants that have delivery followed suit?

If you live in the area near the pizzeria, please, don’t hesitate to purchase a pizza and adopt a dog from the photo- they can be an amazing addition to your home!





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