Newborn Baby Stares Down Doctors Just Moments After Birth

A birth photo from a C-section went viral thanks to the baby’s unique facial expression.

On the 15th of February, the professional photographer Rodrigo Kuntsmann from Brazil shared birth photos from the birth of Isabela de Jesus on his Facebook page.

In one of the images, the baby girl appears glaring at the medical staff.

Kuntsmann explains that the photo happened while the obstetrician was bringing the newborn girl to the mother.

The photo became popular right away and thousands of reactions started coming in.

Kuntsmann says that every person wants to describe the photo caption about the baby’s thoughts in that moment.

Kuntsmann has been photographing births for years and claims this unusual facial expression of Isabela is why the photo is so popular.

Different Captions Pile Up, Each Is Beyond Hilarious

Almost everyone who commented the photo gave their caption version.

One person wrote ‘put me back in!’ whereas another one said ‘do NOT disturb my sleep for this!’

However, when the photo of Isabela began attracting so much attention, Kuntsmann started to worry about how the parents will react.

So, he asked them about this and he was surprised to hear that they loved the idea of their daughter becoming a meme.

And, they also said they felt ‘very blessed’ for the positive feedback

The newborn girl’s mother, Daiane Pereira da Rocha said that her pregnancy was peaceful and that the photo is a perfect description of her daughter’s strong personality.

Birth Photography Can Create Unique Memories for a Lifetime

Kuntsmann hopes that this viral photo will be an inspiration for expectant families to consider birth photography and become more aware about this uniqueness of this special moment.

He said that birth photos are gifts for the babies and an incredible memory of that day.

Have you seen this viral photo? Check it out below if you haven’t…





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