This Monkey Is Seen Taking Care for Orphaned Kittens like She’s Their Mother

When we see stories like this, we realize that love is really blind.

A video that appeared several years ago is still leaving people speechless- a macaque monkey is caught on camera taking care for abandoned kittens like she’s their mommy.

Positi is a female macaque monkey from the Shoushan National Nature Park in Taiwan.

The visitors of the park who’re familiar with the macaque monkeys took a video of the monkey hugging and caring for the kittens like they’re her babies.

She even groomed them like she would groom her own baby monkeys.

Animal Moms Often Adopt Babies of Other Species

Positi isn’t the only animal mom that adopted a baby of another species.

Positi recognized that these kittens need someone to take care of them, a mother figure. Regardless of why and how this happened, she definitely did an amazing job.

The six kittens were caught by a Taiwanese macaque scientist, Lin Chin-fu, to ensure they get the needed food, medical care, and find them forever homes.

Positi was quite the brave momma- she cared and nursed the kittens and she ‘fought’ with other monkeys for food to bring to the kittens.

The staff ensured the kittens are bathed and cleaned from parasites. Lin is known to spend hours with Positi, trying to gain its trust and form a strong bond.

It wasn’t easy ‘taking away’ the kittens from the strong momma; however, eventually they showed Positi that it was for their own good.

Vets Say Positi Did a Great Job

According to Lin, the vets who checked out the kittens said that Positi did a great job caring for them. They were just a bit skinny, but that eventually improved.

From the six kittens that Positi rescued, 4 were adopted by Lin, one didn’t make it, and another one was adopted by another family.

Positi remains in the park.

If you want to check out the heartwarming video, don’t forget to press play below:





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