Unusual, but Loving Bond: Widow Becomes Besties with Her Neighbor’s Dog

This is the ultimate love story, without doubt!

Sally has been a widow for almost 30 years and so she lived alone.

However, it all changed three years ago when her neighbor Dave Mazzarela brought a puppy home- a St. Bernard named Brody.

According to Mazzarela, this is when it ‘all started!’ They bought the dog from Russia and the next day, he immediately got out and actually wandered off!

Mazzarela says he found him in the backyard of Sally, getting treats. He says that the rest was history.

The Unusual, most Loving Friendship Begins

Sally and Brody became best friends right away- Brody would go and visit Sally several times per day to get treats.

However, one day, the Mazzarela house caught on fire and the family had to relocate. Mazzarela recalls how he ran back inside to save the dog and was in the ICU for three days!

Luckily, all of his family and his dog were alive and well!

Sally Moves into an Assisted Living Home

Sally had to move into an assisted living home after a mild heart attack. Mozzarela said she celebrated her birthday on April 27- it was her 95th!

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Although they were no longer living next to each other, Sally and Brody couldn’t be separated- Mazzarela claims they would continue bringing their dog to visit Sally in her new home with their dog.

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Judging by the videos Mozzarela shared on Instagram, this is exactly what this lovely lady needs. Just look at her smile and look how special their bond is!

Moreover, a friend of Mozzarela’s, Jim Burris, memorized this widow-dog bond in the form of a children’s coloring and reading book. How amazing, right?

This isn’t the first time Mazzarela had this breed- he had another St. Bernard named Blizzard; however, he passed away before they had Brody.

If you want to keep in touch with this amazing friendship and these wonderful people and the stories they have to share, check out Mozzarela’s Instagram– the videos will definitely put a smile on your face…





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