We’re in this Together: California Bakery Writes Thoughtful COVID-19 Messages for Self-Care on Cakes

With the spread of the coronavirus, countries worldwide are advising citizens and putting restrictions on movements in order to contain the virus.

With so many people worldwide faced with quarantine, lockdown, and social distancing and isolation, this Californian bakery decided to do something motivating for its community.

The bakery makes beautiful cakes and now they’re even more beautiful- they have beautiful encouraging messages for those in quarantine.

These messages written on the cakes are a way to encourage people to stay inside and follow the guidelines of health departments important for containing the virus.

San Francisco Bakery Motivates People to Stay Inside during the Coronavirus

The bakery Butter& located in California is delivering cakes with self-care messages such as ‘Don’t touch your face’, ‘Wash your hands’ or ‘Pretend you’re an introvert’.

Numerous businesses are being closed down because of the virus, but some business owners are finding creative ways to keep their businesses going in these uncertain times.

Butter& create delicious smaller-size cakes that are great for 1 to 2 people who’re together in isolation.

The bakery is currently only delivering in the area of San Francisco.

These sweet treats will now remind the people who order cakes about the pivotal health precautions we should all take, regardless of our age.

We Need Each Other in These Times of Fear

The bakery wrote on their official Instagram that in times of fear and social isolation, it’s the human connection, love, and comfort food that will help us get through it.

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If you’re wondering how you can support a small local business during this scary time AND put some love into the world, SEND SOMEONE A BUTTER& QUARANTINE CAKE. And share about it on IG. ❤️ To keep our business running, we’re doing something new: smaller, more affordable cakes that are perfect for 1-2 people. People can send them to each other, even if they can’t eat them together. In times of social isolation and fear, it’s human connection, acts of love, and comfort food that will get us through it. And listening to what the CDC says. We’re providing complimentary advice from the CDC on top of these cakes as a public service: “Wash Your Hands”, “Don’t Touch Your Face”, “Pretend You’re an Introvert”. Stay safe, fam! We’re all in this together! #butterand #quarantinecakes . For those looking for a longer read and some #realtalk, scroll on. This is from our google doc titled Project #Coronoyadont (lol) spelling out our plan on how to survive COVID-19. . THE CURRENT SITUATION — This virus is very bad for business as people stop gathering. Revenue is down 65% and we have 1.5 months of runway before we close permanently (other businesses have as little as 3 weeks). The only way we survive is by creating value for our clients in a new way for the current day. Establishments like @lordstanley_sf offering their Michelin starred meals for pickup are so inspiring. Birthdays are still happening! And everyone still needs joy, love, and connection — even if it’s in a smaller setting. . THE GOALS — Remember who this business serves: the team that drives it, and the clients who power it. Cutting hours is the last resort. Lower variable costs where possible (except for salaries) and create new value for clients. Encourage responsible consumer behavior. It’s our civic duty to slow the spread. . THE SOLUTION — Small-serving Quarantine Cakes that friends and loved ones can send to each other, even if they can’t be together. Parties are being canceled, but celebrations are still happening in smaller groups. Butter& has never tried to serve these occasions, since our niche was milestone (weddings, 50th birthdays). But this is where our clients are and we’ll meet them there.

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The bakery encourages everyone who wants to support small local business to purchase a cake and deliver some love into the world with this quarantine cake.

The bakery also wrote that the cakes are great for sending them to each other, for example, to our friends or families who we’re social distancing with for their birthday or other celebration or whenever you want to send them some love.

By doing this and ordering from this bakery, you will be lifting someone’s spirits and helping small businesses keep up in these difficult times.



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