This Danish Supermarket Came Up with Great Pricing Tactic to Stop People from Hoarding Hand Sanitizers

If you’ve been to the supermarket recently, you know how common hoarding has become, especially of hygiene and food products.

Depending on where you live, it may be toilet paper, milk or flour.

The pandemic has also led to people stocking up on gloves, masks, and hand sanitizers because people are buying them in bulk in fear and panic.

But, in this supermarket in Denmark, things are a bit different and more creative when it comes to making sure everyone can access at least one hand sanitizer.

They’ve come up with an excellent way to stop stockpiling of this product.

Rotunden Hellerup Foodmarket Cares for All Customers

This supermarket in Denmark is using creative ways to guard the well-being of all their customers.

Inside the grocery store, according to a photo posted on Twitter, one bottle of a hand sanitizer is $5.70; however, if the customers want to buy two bottles, they will have to pay $143.

By reversing this trend of buying in bulk for a discount, they’ve successfully prevented hoarding.

The supermarket is also urging customers on social media to respect the measures placed to help ensure safe shopping during the pandemic.

Respect the Necessary Measures when You Go Shopping

For example, sending only one member of the family to going shopping, keeping a safe distance from other shoppers and workers, sanitizing the hands before going in, and using gloves and disposing of them when they go out of the store.

The supermarket explained that they’re responsible to keep the business going; however, they need everyone’s help and understanding to make this work.

People worldwide praised this move of the Danish supermarket and also encouraged their local supermarkets to try same or similar initiatives and prevent hoarding.

However, others said that this method will not work everywhere- it’s because it’s illegal to increase the prices in cases of emergencies, like it’s now.

But, this doesn’t mean that other stores aren’t taking the available measures to prevent stockpiling and ensuring everyone can shop safely and get the products they need.