Start Your Mornings Healthy: Best Health Benefits of Freshly-Squeezed Orange Juice

Orange juice is one of the most popular drinks in the world. It’s made by squeezing oranges and extracting their juice- this can be done by hand or through commercial methods.

This drink is abundant in pivotal nutrients; including potassium and vitamin C. Some commercial varieties may include vitamin D and calcium too.

Orange juice has a tart flavor, yet it’s yummy and refreshing. It boosts our mood and energy instantly.

It’s a great drink to accompany your breakfasts or to reenergize with it after an exercise session.

Many people also keep it in a bottle and sip on it throughout the day. If you still have doubts why you should make orange juice a part of your diet, continue reading the article.

We’ll show the 5 best health advantages you can reap from this amazing drink…

5 Health Benefits of Orange Juice

  • Good for the immune system

Orange juice is rich in vitamin C which is known to be good for the immunity.

It will help you lower your risk of catching colds, the flu, and other inflammatory-related health issues.

  • Good for the skin

Drinking orange juice on the daily can be amazing for the skin. Since it’s rich in antioxidants, orange juice is pivotal in the fight against free radicals.

Free radicals can dull the skin and encourage its aging and wrinkles. With the abundance of vitamin C from oranges, you can have a more youthful, radiant skin.

  • Helps expel kidney stones

Oranges are rich in citrate so consuming them on a regular basis can help dissolve kidney stones that contain calcium oxalate.

They also provide relief from the pain associated with having and passing kidney stones.

  • Strengthens our bones

The calcium present in oranges is great for the health of our bones.

What’s more, oranges are also rich in flavonoids like hesperidin and naringenin that have anti-inflammatory properties and can help reduce pain in arthritis patients.

  • Encourages weight loss

Being low on calories and fat-free, orange juice is an amazing drink for people looking to lose weight.

However, when possible, opt for eating a whole orange over a juiced one if your aim is weight loss- this is because juicing removes the weight loss friendly fibers.

Fibers are pivotal in prolonging the satiety and preventing us from overeating later on in the day.