Woolworths Markets Are Giving Free Toilet Paper to Australians

With a large number of elderly Australians struggling to purchase toilet paper and other necessities amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and panic shopping, the Woolworths Markets announced a great way to help the most vulnerable in their community.

The supermarket chain is now collaborating with the volunteers Meals on Wheels from NSW in helping deliver 4 packs of toilet paper to elderly people in their community.

Their first delivery has already been done in the Meals on Wheels Central Coast branch in Tuggerah. More deliveries in the NSW will continue.

Seniors Will Now Have Toilet Paper Delivered for Free

The volunteers from the Meals on Wheels in the Tuggerah area will give 4 pack toilets as well as prepped meals to the elderly people living there.

The managing director of Woolworths, Claire Peters, explains that they’re satisfied to work with the volunteers from Meals on Wheels to help the most vulnerable in their community.

She explains that because of the unprecedented demand on some products in their stores, they’ve heard that a lot of older people in their community can’t find the things they need in markets because of the panic shopping.

The markets will continue their restocking and they want to advise all Australians to show more mindfulness for the people in their community.

They ensured the public that they will continue giving an ongoing support.

What Does the Meals on Wheels Have to Say?

According to the CEO of Meals on Wheels, Les MacDonald, they have special shopping assistance programs for elderly in their community in several of their branches across NSW.

However, their volunteers have been facing problems in sourcing some essentials like toilet paper.

They thanked the Woolworths for recognizing that they’re a pivotal part of their community in helping in times of need.

Woolworths Market Have Special Shopping Hours

To make sure older people and disabled ones can shop in less crowded area due to the pandemic, Woolworths has special shopping hours.

The period between 7am and 8am will be intended for shopping before the rush begins. The elderly or disabled shoppers will be allowed during this period after they show a government-issued senior pensioner card or a disability card.

These moves seem to be essential after numerous shocking scenes of panic-buying products and fighting over toilet paper due to the fear of shortages.

Several market chains, including Woolworths, placed a limit on one-pack-for-person for toilet paper, as well as limits on rice, flour, hand sanitizer, veggies, frozen desserts, mince, and eggs.





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