Panic in the US amidst COVID-19 Outbreak: Supermarket Long Lines & Empty Shelves

People in Costco stores in the US and Canada are lining up as cases of the new COVID-19 are already happening in the west.

A lot of people shared images of the crowded stores and empty shelves on social media, including locations in B.C. where the customers wait in long lines, inside and outside of Costco.

Twitter users said that the fear is spreading fast and that people are stocking up worse than Christmas.

Another user wrote that the line extends the whole length of the market and around the aisle.

Last Friday, in Vancouver, the canned goods were not enough and the disinfectant wipes and toilet paper were in high demand too.

Customers Panicked, Line Up in Stores to Stock Up

There are also reports of long lines in Toronto stores and the health officials have reported the first COVID-19 case in the York Region.

Another Costco location in Brooklyn, NY had customers waiting in line to get inside, as well as in Seattle.

Believe it or not, in California, a Costco store had more than 500 customers in the first half an hour of their opening.

In the south of San Francisco, bottled water and toilet paper was sold out in several hours.

The shelves are left empty, as well as the refrigerators. People are definitely freaking out about this new virus that is spreading fast and that originated from China.

Stocking Up Is Wise, Says Canadian Health Minister

Although most of the stores said they’ll restock, the employees anticipate that the lines will continue. The health minister of Canada Patty Hajdu said that stocking on supplies is wise in an event of an emergency.

He explained that it’s about ensuring you have sufficient supplies if you or someone in your family gets ill to survive for a week or so without heading out outside.

In Canada, there are 33 cases of COVID-19 and in the US; there are more than 100 confirmed cases and 6 deaths.  





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