Life Can Be Challenging for People Who Overthink & Have a Sensitive Heart

Even though overthinkers are people who have a sharp wit, a highly functional brain, and an awesome capacity to go through all details in a given situation, their minds function a bit differently than those of other people.

Yes, these people are detail-orientated and can be excellent friends and partners; however, living a life that’s constantly making you overthink things can be challenging and put a lot of pressure on your health and well-being.

When they also have a sensitive heart and a pure soul, they’re even more vulnerable.

These people are often overwhelmed by a variety of emotions, positive and negative, and mostly guilt, confusion, anxiety, and doubt.

If you have an overthinker in your life, make sure you show them some love and appreciation- they’re going through a lot!

Why Is Life Challenging for Overthinkers with Pure Souls?

  • They’re searching for meaning behind every word or action

When you’re an overthinker and a person with a gentle heart, you’re always looking for hidden meaning behind what people say or do.

Often times, you take things personally because your mind is behind it.   

  • They care a lot about people’s opinions

Overthinkers tend to take things personally- regardless of how much you tell them they shouldn’t care how others see them, they rarely listen.

They can be full of self doubt and often focus on the negative things in life, rather than on the positive ones.

  • They live with regrets

People who overthink go through a long process before they make a final decision.

And, they’re never entirely satisfied with the decision and will think about the same problem over and over.

This is why you can see they kind of get used to live a life full of regrets…

  • Can’t focus on the present moment

Overthinkers have high emotions, over-analyze things, and calculate possible outcomes.

They’re either occupied ruminating or planning the future.

It’s the abundance of thoughts in their minds that don’t allow them to enjoy the most important thing in life- the NOW.

  • They often deal with insomnia

Since they have a mind that’s quite active and full of all kinds of thoughts, they naturally find it harder to fall asleep easy or to stay sound asleep.

This is why you’ll notice them struggling with insomnia or complaining about not being able to get a good night’s sleep.

  • They want love

The number one priority of overthinkers is to be loved, cared for, respected, and needed by those in their life. They want deep connection and validation and constant reassurance that their partners loves them.

In a lot of cases, this is because they’re afraid of getting their hearts broken and this is why they prefer playing things safe.