Recommendations for Pregnant Women to Protect Themselves during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Although the riskс for pregnant women from the COVID-19 virus still remain unknown, medical experts believe that the symptoms may be stronger in pregnant women than in women who’re not.

On the basis of several small studies, the new virus doesn’t seem to pass from the mother to the fetus; however, there have been some newborn infections detected so more research is necessary.

Social distancing and isolation is recommendable by experts to help contain and prevent the virus; however, this can be a difficult thing for pregnant women, a lot of who need weekly or monthly doctor’s visits and pregnant women who have other small children.

What Should Pregnant Women Know during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Women who’re pregnant may have a weakened immunity, claims Dr. Anne Marie Reidy, and thus, she thinks that their risk of the virus is higher.

Therefore, she advises pregnant women who’re getting ready to deliver a baby to stay at home as much as possible.

Reidy who’s an OBGYN cancelled the routine checkups for the non-pregnant women, yet she’s still seeing the pregnant women for the prenatal care.

Pregnant women have started accepting the changes same as other people have, believes Reidy. She’s glad her patients aren’t panicking or getting too anxious and considers this a good thing.

Expectant mothers are advised to spent time at home, read books, watch movies, do prenatal yoga, meditate, and prepare for the upcoming big moment.

When this moment comes, women shouldn’t worry- hospitals have appropriate restrictions set due to the pandemic and there are policies to protect every ward, including the delivery ward.

Helpful Tips for Expectant Mothers to Stay Safe

According to the government’s chief medical adviser of UK, Chris Whitty, pregnant women are at-risk-group like elderly people.

He further emphasizes that infections and pregnancy are never a good combination and that countries are taking needed measures to protect the most vulnerable.

Here are several useful tips for pregnant women in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak:

  • Limit contacts with people who show symptoms of the disease like fever or a dry cough
  • Avoid public transport, rush hour, and work from home if possible and get the needed support from your employer
  • Don’t go to gatherings, smaller and larger, and avoid public places like restaurants, cinemas, clubs, bars, etc.
  • When possible, contact your closest ones through social media and phone calls
  • Have regular phone calls with your doctor concerning your pregnancy





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