With the Increase in COVID-19 Cases, Whole Italy Is Officially in Lockdown

Italy is officially in total lockdown due to the excessive spread of the COVID-19 virus in the country.

According to PM Giuseppe Conte, he extended the restrictions that are already placed in the north of the country.

He said that all the measures of the red zones are now applying to the whole national territory. He also announced the ban of all public events.

According to Conte, this move is essential in order to protect their population, particularly the fragile people.

His announcement came at the end of a very chaotic day which also witnessed prison riots in the country.

The Death Toll in Italy from the COVID-19

97 people have died from this new infection as of Sunday in Italy and their total death number is 463. The country also has 9,172 cases, which is the most in European countries affected.

During the weekend, travel restrictions were announced only in some areas. But, the rest of the country will now also have these bans.

This is one of the strictest solutions that have been implemented outside of China to get the pandemic under control.

Unfortunately, the coordinator of the ICU in the crisis unit for Lombardy, the health care Lombardy system was a step away from a collapse, despite the efforts to free up the beds in hospitals.

He described a tsunami of patients and added that there may be around 18,000 patients in the hospital by the end of this month if the virus doesn’t stop spreading.

Northern Italy Is in a Quarantined Red Zone

Almost 16 million people were on lockdown in the Lombardy region and 14 more Italian provinces after the cases spiked.

The president of Lombardy, Attilio Fontana said that the lockdown may not suffice, even though it’s a needed step, it may be insufficient.

The numbers in this region and in the rest of the country show that the virus is expanding fast.

The consequences are an overload of work in the hospitals, especially in the ICU.

Why Were Prisoners in Italian Prisons Protesting?

The lockdown has already caused damaging impact in the country- inmates overran several prisons and escaped the facilities and kidnapped officers after visits were prohibited in the efforts to reduce the number of infected.

Several prisoners died in the protests that happened in a total of 22 prisons. Some are still occupying the facilities and even reached for the roof!

In the city Foggia, the inmates occupied the whole compound and 43 prisoners escaped before they were caught by the police and other law enforcement agencies.

On a global level, there have been more than 108,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 3,821 deaths from it.





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