Isn’t This the Cutest Thing ever? The Giant Bernese Dog of the Irish President ‘Refuses’ to Leave until He Gets a Belly Rub

The dog of the Irish president is making quite the name for himself after he stole the show for a second time in one week.

Named the Brod, he is a Bernese mountain dog and his owner is the president of Ireland Michael D. Higgins.

Brod recently stole the show during a reception for International Women’s Day while demanding a belly rub.

The situation was caught on camera by journalist Ibrah Razan and it shows Brod wandering around the venue before he found his owner.

Then, he showed his belly and ‘demanded’ a rub. The president obliged and Brod was lying next to him while the musical performance was starting.

Brod Is already a Star?

Earlier, Brod became popular after he was seen giving a warm welcome to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge during their Royal visit to Ireland.

William and Kate met with the Irish president and his wife at the statesman’s official residence Aras an Uachtarain.

They talked about the Brexit implications and the building of the foundations of the Good Friday agreement.

The high-profile meeting was overshadowed by sweet Brod- he’s a gentle giant who’s always looking for a hug or a belly scratch.

The Bernese mountain dog warmed the hearts of every journalist and paparazzi that was there and numerous videos show him making his way to the cameras in curiosity.

Even though these high officials were here, a lot of cameras were focused on Brod.

Popular Irish Dogs: Brod & His Sister Sioda

Brod is present at almost every presidential visit and often accompanied by his sister Sioda.

He loves every rub and pat he receives from the various visitors, including politicians, royals, and presidents.

Brod and his sister Sioda are quite popular dogs throughout Ireland; however, they’ve recently gained some overseas fans thanks to the visit by the Royals.

If you want to keep in touch with the sweetest brother-sister duo, make sure you follow their Twitter page!





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