10 Ways to Remove Negative Energy from any Space and Replace It with Positive Vibrations

Without doubt, it can be really bad when you don’t feel well in your own home.

Even though it’s normal to experience a gloomy afternoon occasionally, we need to react if our home constantly feels like something’s not right.

This means we need to focus on eliminating the negative vibrations circling around-believe it or not, this can have a negative effect on our mood.

And, you needn’t be some psychic to cleanse your energy from negativity and replace it with positive and pleasant vibrations.

In fact, there are easy and effortless ways to boost the energy in your home, especially now in times of a pandemic when we’re advised to stay home as much as possible.

Come on; let’s check out how to clean your energy from negative vibrations…

10 Awesome Ways to Bring Positive Energy in Your Home

  • Air your home out

Open up the windows and make draft- allow the air to come in and the bad air accumulated inside to go out.

This also includes times when the weather is colder you need fresh air all the time and it’s everything.

While airing out your home, shake your blankets and pillows as well.

  • Diffuse essential oils

If you have a diffuser for essential oils, now’s the time to turn it on- it will help you clean the negative energy and the pleasant smell will boost your mood.

Choose refreshing essential oils like orange or lavender or any other of your favourite smells!

  • Smudge with sage

Smudging is a well-known Native American method of cleaning the air and eliminating bad energy- you light sage and then you blow out the flame.

This smoke which goes out into the air will clear it out. Begin at the front door and work your way around the other rooms in a clockwise direction.

Smudge the whole home and don’t forget to visualize your intentions for your home while smudging!

  • Place more mirrors

Did you know that placing several mirrors in your home helps you bring more positive energy?

But, avoid the ones with too sharp edges- they will add a beautiful touch to your home decor and also clear your mind.

  • Use neutral colours

Sure, dark and rich colours scream personality-however, when it all becomes too much in life, these colours aren’t what will help you create a more relaxed surrounding.

Dark tones can sometimes feel negative and make spaces seem much smaller than they really are.

  • Put salt in corners

Did you know that by putting salt into 4 corners of your home, you can absorb the negative energy of previous owners?

Leave the salt for 2 days and then vacuum it up and get rid of it in the garbage can.

  • Get rid of clutters

You know the pleasant feeling after cleaning your space? This is what you’ll also feel when you remove clutters in your home.

Objects are known to hold a lot of energy and they can block our improvement, physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.

Plus, clutter will make you feel stressed and tired more.

  • Keep your home safe with crystals

Crystals have the power to prevent and reduce negative energy in the space.

For example, rose quartz helps you bring in more positive feelings in the room whereas black tourmaline is great for dissolving negative energy.

It’s good to place them near electronic devices if you can!

  • Add plants and flowers

Nature has a calming and relaxing effect on us- bring it indoors by adding more flowers and plants in your indoor space to boost your positive energy.

Opt for plants like aloe vera, bamboo, jasmine, lavender, orchids, etc.

  • Don’t forget about music

Music is one of the most potent healing arts- listening to music helps change the vibrations in the space and studies indicate it may also help reduce ache, boost your sleep, reduce tiredness, and strengthen your heart and immunity.

Opt for soul, jazz, soul or folk music for optimal boost.