This Quarantined Guy Sends His Dog On A Mission To Buy Cheetos And He Delivers

Dogs are amazing creatures, without doubt, and the good thing is that we can train them do so many different things and they enjoy helping us!

One man from Mexico succeeded in training his Chihuahua to buy him groceries, believe it or not.

His furry friend definitely stepped up amidst the social isolation and lockdowns implemented worldwide because of the coronavirus.

Antonio Munoz had been in isolation for three days when he started to crave some Cheetos.

In Mexico, the schools and non-essential stores are closed down whereas food shops and restaurants do only deliveries.

Since craving some chips isn’t necessarily an essential errand, Munoz decided to send his dog Chokis to buy him a bag of chips.

Dog Succesfully Buys Cheetos for His Hungry Owner

The market was near Munoz’s home and Munoz came up with the idea for his Cheetos mission- he wrote a note and attached it onto the dog’s collar and put the exact sum of money for the bag of chips.

Even though the dog was anxious at first- he was soon very good at it. Believe it or not-he’s been to the store three times already!

This dog is definitely a smart and good boy, don’t you agree?

What Did the Note Say?

Munoz wrote on the note ‘hello sir of the store, can you sell my dog some orange-not red-Cheetos. In his collar, he brings $20. If you don’t take good care of my dog, he will bite. From, the neighbour across the street’

Día tres de la cuarentena Yo quería mis chetos ???

Posted by Antonio Muñoz on Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Soon enough, Munoz had a bag of chips to snack during the quarantine days.

Chokis delivered the bag of chips right away, as well as on other two occasions. But, each time, his owner wanted different flavours!

The post of the story shared on social media went viral and Munoz wrote the caption ‘day three of quarantine. I really wanted my Chetoos.’

Who says Chihuahuas are aggressive and not friendly- this doggie behaved well and finished its task with so much grace and ease.

Just check out how cute this dog is:





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