90-Year-Old Woman from Belgium Dies from Corona after She Refuses a Ventilator

An elderly woman in Belgium reportedly died after she refused a ventilator in the hospital where she was treated for the coronavirus and said ‘give it someone younger’.

The 90-year-old Suzanne Hoylaerts who lived in Binkom, near Lubbeek, reportedly said to the doctors that she doesn’t want artificial respiration and that they should give the machine to the younger patients.

She also said she already had a good life.

Hoylaerts was hospitalized on the 20th of March after her condition worsened- she had contracted the coronavirus. She lost her appetite and struggled to breathe.

The lady was put in self-isolation and no one could visit her. Only 2 days later, Hoylaerts had to be hospitalized, but unfortunately, she died in the hospital.

Grieving Daughter Couldn’t Say Goodbye

Her daughter Judith said for the media that she was unable to say goodbye to her mother and couldn’t even attend her funeral.

Funerals, weddings, birthdays, and other important life events have been cancelled in a lot of countries as a way to cease the spreading of the virus.

She also explained she didn’t know when her mother caught the virus as the lady stayed home and complied with the lockdown recommendations.

Unfortunately, there have been 705 deaths in Belgium from the coronavirus and more than 12,000 confirmed cases.

Sadly, a 12-year-old girl is part of these numbers-she became the youngest victim in Europe to die from the virus.

According to the doctors, Suzanne had low concentration of oxygen and needed ventilator treatment.

Family & Friends Wonder How Suzanne Caught the Virus

Judith noted that her mother was hospitalized last year for pneumonia, lived alone, and adhered to the isolation measures seriously.

This is why her family and friends are worried about how she got the virus in the first place.

Prior to the isolation, Suzanne said to her daughter that she mustn’t cry and that she did everything she could.

Ventilator shortages are being experienced worldwide due to them being necessary for the critically ill and there are a lot of patients like this.

When the story of Suzanne appeared on the internet, many praised her for her heroism and kindness. Many wrote that her sacrifice won’t be forgotten.