Builder Transforms Staircase into Wine Cellar in a Week & a Half Using Bunnings Drawers

This man left the internet speechless after he ‘showed’ off his staircase installation- he transformed the stairs in his house into a dropping wine cellar.

This man is a builder, one Murray Berrill from Australia and he explained that his newly-designed wine drawers can hold up to 156 bottles.

And, it’s even more impressive that Berrill was able to create this amazing transformation in one week! Wine lovers, we know you’re amazed right now.

Isn’t This the Perfect Wine Cellar or Not?

These cellar drawers for wine boast excellent insulation and also have a thermometer that’s installed to measure the temperature in the warmer months.

Berrrill is a talented craftsman who has been sharing photos of his creative work on the social media Facebook.

He wrote of his newest invention, the wine cellar drawers, ‘ok, here’s one for the wine lovers.

What to do with dead space under the stairs? Create an easy access wine cellar. Proud of this one.’

Wine Lovers & Creative People Loved Berrill’s Construction

His post of his stair wine cellar left online users speechless and most of the comments were positive praise about the DIY built.

One person commented that ‘impressive work, you’re obviously a very skilled tradesman. More than one headache in there.’

Another one wrote that ‘this is amazing, beautiful craftsmanship Murray.’ A third user joked that the only complaint is that there aren’t enough stairs!

This Is the First Time Berrill Made a Wine Cellar

The 58-year-old creative man said this is the first time he’s made a wine cellar and added he hates dead space since you’re paying for nothing.

Therefore, he thought of putting the wine in drawers in the dead space in the staircase instead of behind it.

The drawers are wide in width and quite strong- he spent around $500 at Bunnings just on the drawer slides.

He had to make sure all the bottles can fit and that the design is strong enough. Anyhow, this is an impressive design that deserves praise- bravo for Berrill!




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