Parents Can’t Afford to Rent a Gown for Girl’s Prom, Brother Steps Up & Makes Her One Instead

If you have a sibling, you’re already winning, right?

These people are an amazing blessing to our life-they mean so much to us and sometimes, they do so many special things for us and showing us their unconditional support and love.

A perfect proof of this sibling love is this brother and his loving act for his sister- he made his sister a prom dress after their parents were unable to afford to pay for one.

Philippine Brother Helps His Sister Wear a Beautiful Gown at Her Prom

Maverick Francisco Oyao felt really sad that his parents couldn’t pay the rent for his sister’s prom dress. Lu Asey’s prom was approaching and her brother knew he needed to do something.

The rental fee was very expensive for them so Mave began brainstorming.

He came up with the idea to create a dress for his sister on his own, although he had never done a similar thing before.

The untold story of a loving kuya ?I did not expect na magagawa ko to on time. I even doubted my self kung magagawa ko…

Posted by Maverick Francisco Oyao on Friday, 14 February 2020

First, he made a sketch of how he wanted the dress to look. Then, with the generous help of several people, he bought the materials he needed.

Mave claims he was quite nervous when he started the project and in his Facebook album where he documented his creation, he explained that he didn’t know where to begin.

The choosing of the color palette was easy- since the school’s ballroom dance theme was winter, he decided on a blue and white spectrum.

Mave is a university student of culture and arts education so some of his skills were very beneficial in making this piece of art.

He looked for some inspo from Michael Cinco’s spring and summer collection. He wanted to make the dress stand out.

The First Fitting Goes Amazing

On the first fitting, only the bottom part was ready- but, although a long way to go still, it was all coming together.

Then, the dress progressed and Mave made all the necessary improvements. It soon became a princess’s dress from the dreams!

The upper part of the dress is stunning- her brother even hand painted a part of the bodice.

This decision added to the special vibe of the dress! Her brother was cautious of all the details to ensure his sister has the most beautiful dress.

He embellished the dress with stunning rhinestones and flowers. The sleeves were a piece of art in themselves- they were dramatic, noticeable, and perfectly fit all the ballroom vibe.

She’s a stunner, isn’t she?