Eco-Friendly Dome Homes Built from AirCrete Are so Affordable, You Can DIY One for Up to $9,000

First, we had foamcrete, then, we had papercrete and hempcrete, and now we have the AirCrete- a foamy blend of air bubbles and cement which is inexpensive to make, fireproof, waterproof, and DIY.

AirCrete dome houses are becoming more and more attractive-what lies behind their attractiveness?

What Is AirCrete?

The main tool for AirCrete is the foaming agent that suspends small air bubbles in cement mixture, including a foam generator that disperses a blend of the foaming agent into a cement mixture.

Same like regular concrete, AirCrete is impressively strong and has insulating properties.

What’s more, it’s cost effective and maybe one of the most attractive things for DIY people who can save up a lot on the construction process, as well as on the maintenance.

Why Is AirCrete such a Popular Choice?

Nowadays, with more and more people trying to live a more eco-friendly life, AirCrete is a preferred choice because of its ecological benefits.

It’s excellent for those who have appeal for it and it has actually been recognized internationally as an ecological building material, mostly because of its resource efficiency.

Moreover, Steven Areen, a traveller and photographer, built his own home dome for $9,000.

He recalls how he had an amazing visit with a friend back in 2011, Hajjar Gibran, who inspired him for years with his wonderful ideas and who constructs domes at his retreat centre in the North East of Thailand.

Areen says that Gibran and his wife offered him a place on their mango farm to make his own dome and thanks to their guidelines and concepts for the design; he had his dome home up and running in only 6 weeks.

DomeGaia, the AirCrete Homes, Brainchild of Hajjar Gibran

Hajjar Gibran is the great-nephew of the poet Khalil Gibran and he happens to be the creator of DomeGaia.

Gibran explains that AirCrete has a lot of benefits to offer as a building material, especially for single-store residences. The material has amazing thermal insulation and doesn’t rot, warp or corrode.

Unlike concrete that’s hard, cold, heavy, and challenging to work with, AirCrete is so easy to work with.

It also dries overnight and you can cut it, carve it, drill it, and shape it using wood-working tools.

It’s easy to fix and it accepts nails and screws well. It boasts amazing compressive strength and thus makes a great foundation, building block, subfloor, dome, etc.

Before heading out, don’t forget to check out the photos below from the amazing dome home:

What about you? How do you like this dome home? Would you live in one? It definitely looks stunning and it reminds us a lot of the Lord of the Rings!





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