Couple Live a Simple & Adventure-Filled Life in a DIY Sprinter Van Conversion

Chris and Lisa is a sweet couple who’s been living in their DIY-renovated 2017 Mercedes Sprinter van for more than six months.

They love living on the go and enjoy meeting different people along the way. They claim they don’t see a nearby end when it comes to their van life.

They make money through a small business, i.e. selling enamelware online.

The van is a real piece of art- it boasts wonderful solar and internet connection that allows them to keep working while travelling.

They also have live edge countertops and a wonderful Moroccan backsplash that makes their home even more stunning.

Their life must be such an adventure, every day!

Who Are Chris & Lisa & a bit of Their Life Stories

Chris explains that he used to consider himself a very patient individual until he started living in the van.

The transition from their previous life to the van life isn’t without challenges.

He notes that this new way of life helped him discover more about him, their relationship, his patience, and more.

Lisa believes that they’ll keep on living like this until it stops being fun.

For now, they don’t see this happening any time soon, maybe once they get old. Right now, they love their on-the-road lifestyle.

They’re in a honeymoon-like phase of waking up to new places, 5 out of 7 days of the week or every day if they want to.

What Does their Van Home Look Like Inside?

Lisa loves that they have a long space that she feels elongates the van because it’s a generally narrow space. They have beautiful cabinets and a big bed at one side of the van.

They sell their enamelware on their website- steel on the inside, porcelain finish on the outside. You can see many of Lisa’s designs hanging on hooks in their kitchen space!

Since they live in a smaller place, they were able to afford several high-end touches. Their fridge is placed into a bottom drawer that can be pulled out, as well as two-burner stove and a deep sink.

They also have two other family members- two sweet dogs that accompany them on all their adventures.

They also have a lot of plants, even though they’re still working out which ones work inside a van and which ones don’t!

What about their bed? – It definitely looks stunning, as you can check out from the video below. It’s a queen size.  It can be made short or long thanks to the adjusted design.

What about you? Would you give up your regular life to live in a van and on the go?




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