Adorable Tiny House Comes with a Greenhouse & a Porch

If the only thing setting you back from fully embracing the tiny home lifestyle is gardening and porch swings, you’ll love to hear about this home, which luckily for you-has both.

This new house model made by Olive Nest Tiny Homes called the Elsa has a second trailer attached to the main and it has a porch and a greenhouse.

Even though transporting both will require two trips or two cars, it can really be an enjoyable and much needed convenience for people living the tiny home lifestyle.

The Elsa, a Beautifully-Crafted Tiny Home for Gardening Lovers

With or without a greenhouse, the Elsa is a beautifully designed home spreading at 323 square feet.

It has a wonderful layout and an airy entry into the main lounging area which has a full-sized couch that you can pull out into a bed and a chair.

You also have a full-sized range and fridge in the kitchen part, as well as a skinny bar table across it which you can swing out when you’re eating, but, you’ll need smaller plates.

We really love the storage-hiding steps that lead up to a loft bed and dormer windows on both sides. Beneath the loft are the bathroom and additional storage space.

Feeling tempted to buy this house and begin to live a life on the go? – It’s currently available for $81,000.

The builders are locals in Taylors, South Carolina and their stunning tiny home was featured on DIY’s Tiny House and HGTV, as well as on Big Living.

Therefore, it’s easy to see why this home has gotten that much attention- it boasts an stunning design, both in the inside and on the outside.

Tiny Living, a Movement Increasing in Popularity

Indeed, tiny living helps you decrease the ‘addiction’ from the modern-day tendency to constantly accumulate more and more material things.

Often, we have so many unnecessary stuff in our homes and perhaps, it’s time to rethink and find out if we really need all of our possessions.

This is why tiny living works for so many people- it helps you scale down and live with only the things that are essential without having to give up comfort and beauty.

Thanks to the Elsa, you can live a minimal lifestyle, yet have all the beautiful things that make life worth living, like gardening, proper rest, and a cute porch to drink your morning coffee on.

Inside the Elsa, you have all the amenities you need- it’s functional and comfy mobile home that will help you travel the world in your own cozy space.





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