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This Cute-as-a-Button Cabin Costs only $700 to be Built

This Cute-as-a-Button Cabin Costs only $700 to be Built

This couple from Montana built their own amazing tiny home. This a-frame cabin is definitely a dream-come-true for outdoorsy souls. And, an even better thing about it is that it requires only a small investment to be built, i.e. $700. Here’s how the couple managed to build this wonderful cabin […]

Adorable Tiny House Comes with a Greenhouse & a Porch

If the only thing setting you back from fully embracing the tiny home lifestyle is gardening and porch swings, you’ll love to hear about this home, which luckily for you-has both. This new house model made by Olive Nest Tiny Homes called the Elsa has a second trailer attached to […]

Amazing Story: Best Friends Build their own Town to Grow Old Together

Best Friends Build Their Own Town To Grow Old Together

Did you know that four couples who have been best friends for 20 years found a way to live closer to each other and to nature by building their own eco-friendly homes? They named their settlement the Llano Exit Strategy. It features four small cabins that are facing the Llano […]