Man Sees Homeless Woman Outside His Home And Decides To Build Her A Tiny Home

Irene McGee was a familiar face in the South Los Angeles neighborhood and everyone knew her because she was spending her days on the streets. She was homeless.

One man who lived nearby where she was seen most often, Elvis Summers, noticed that one the night comes, no one seemed to care about her well-being.

Unfortunately, McGee was a homeless 60-year-old lady and Mr. Summers knew this because one day she knocked on is door asking for some recyclables.

He thought she at least has a place to crush at night- some kind of a protection. But, it turned out she doesn’t have anything and that she sleeps in the plain sky at night.

Summers Decides to Do Something Important for this Poor Lady

Summers was heartbroken to realize this-the woman couldn’t even get a good night’s sleep, yet have some protection.

This is why he decided to do something and improve her situation.

He asked her more questions to learn more about her story. She told him she has nothing, not even a cardboard box.

His plan was to help her have a place where she could get comfy and get some rest.

He asked her what she thinks about a ‘tiny home’ and she was amazed.

He saw on the internet that people were making tiny homes easily and he had done construction before and thought ‘this will be easy and I could do it’.

So, he did it.

Summers did it because he believes this could happen to anyone, somebody’s sister, grandma or children.

When he finished the tiny home, Irene was so happy and grateful. She told him that no one ever did something for her. He recalls how happy she was.

The city approved her tiny home as long as she moved it to a different place every 72 hours.

How Did He Accomplish the Tiny Home Project for Irene?

He went to the local store for home improvement and purchased the needed supplies-he spent somewhere around $500.

5 days later, he had a ready project to show to the lady.

Although this positive story happened several years ago, it has left a deep trace. Unfortunately, Irene passed away back in 2016.

But, her warm spirit and this sweet and thoughtful gesture will remain forever.

Although it was not something too big, it did change Irene’s life. After helping this woman, Summers opened up his organization Starting Human and collected more than $50k.

He will continue making tiny homes for homeless people.

What an amazing man, don’t you agree?