10 Low Maintenance Plants which can Turn Anyone into a Green Thumb

Indoor plants are awesome-they look nice, they help us clean the air, and boost our mood.

But, a lot of people don’t even try to take care of one because they think that they’re all too demanding.

If you’ve also shied away from indoor plants, you should definitely check out this list of 10 awesome and easy-to-care-for plants you can enjoy in your home.

They’ll bring some good green vibes and help you feel like you’re doing something good. Come, on, let’s check out the 10 best low maintenance houseplants on the list below.

10 Awesome & Low Maintenance Houseplants

  • Jade plant

Jade plants need bright area, but not direct sunlight to thrive.

In the spring and summer when it’s their growing season, they need proper watering. In the cooler months, make sure you lower it because it’s their dormant period.

  • Peace lily

Bring some lush and vibrant greenery to your home with a peace lily.

It also looks awesome and doesn’t need too much attention to thrive. Just know that it’s always better to under- than to over-water it.

Do it when the foliage seems a bit droopy.

  • English ivy

English ivy is an awesome plant that enjoys a medium to bright light area.

It’s able to withstand a period of drought. Still, don’t forget to water it from time to time.

Plus, it rarely suffers from diseases, although spider mites aren’t uncommon with it.

  • Ponytail palm

This plant will do great in front of a window because it enjoys brightness and sunlight.

Make sure you water it well in summer, but wait for the soil to dry completely before re-watering.

  • Cast iron plant

As the name itself says, this plant is hard to kill. It doesn’t like direct sun exposure so it’s good for areas with lower natural light.

They’re tolerant to drought, but love being thoroughly watered in spring and summer. Wait for the soil to dry entirely before re-watering.

Treat brown spots on the foliage with fungicide.

  • Spider plant

This plant is awesome for bright areas, but without too much direct sun exposure. Water it when the soil is dry.

Although they’re generally free of pests, sometimes, they can be affected by scales, aphids, and spider mites.

  • ZZ plant

This plant will do great in a bright area, but not directly exposed to sunlight. It’s also great for lower light areas.

Water it well and wait for the soil to dry out entirely before doing it again.

When its soil has been dry for too long, it will show it through droopy leaves. Avoid placing it near areas with children and pets because it’s toxic to them if ingested!

  • Snake plant

This plant looks interesting and it definitely brings a positive atmosphere in your home or office. It enjoys a bright area, but not direct sunlight.

Shaded spots will also be fine; however, the growth will be slower and its foliage will darken.

In summertime, water the plant when the soil has dried out. In the winter, it can do well without water longer.

  • Chinese evergreen

This plant thrives in medium to low-light areas and without direct sunlight. It’s therefore a perfect fit for areas without any natural light.

The soil should be kept moist, but never soggy. Leave the soil to dry out before watering it again.

  • Pothos

Pothos plants aren’t demanding-they’ll do fine as long as you don’t directly expose them to sunlight.

They can also tolerate slight neglect and a bit of watery soil.




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