This Tiny House Village in Tampa Bay Is the Best Escape One Could Wish for

Tiny home living has been around since the 70s and increasingly popular in the last couple of years.

Small house movement isn’t uncommon nowadays, with more and more people rethinking the real values in life and deciding to do more about their environment, saving money, and making communities stronger.

Still, it’s not easy to find a place to set your tiny home. There are zoning regulations that require a minimum square footage for a new construction on a foundation.

And, often times, there’s a distinction made between small (400 to 1000 square foot) and tiny homes (smaller than 400 sq foot). There are some as tiny as 80 square foot.

Plus, there are zoning and building codes which may differ from area to area.

Tiny House Movement in States with Warmer Weather

The tiny house movement is rising in popularity in states with warmer temperatures like California and Florida. And, there, you can find tiny home villages with rentals of units and lots.

If you have a wheel tiny house, you can come to these locations and rent a lot for a monthly price. This fee includes the costs for the sewer, parking, garbage, and water.

However, you’ll have to pay for internet, insurance, and power. One of these popular villages is the Tampa Bay Escape Village in Florida.

It has 10 units for purchase or rent and the waiting list is already full. The houses there are designed in several sizes and styles. The renting ones are usually around $1000 per month.

Considering the low cost and ease of construction, tiny homes are becoming more and more acceptable and commonly used by shelters for the homeless. It offers a good transition towards self-sufficiency for these people.




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