Best Friends Build Their Own Town To Grow Old Together

Did you know that four couples who have been best friends for 20 years found a way to live closer to each other and to nature by building their own eco-friendly homes?

They named their settlement the Llano Exit Strategy. It features four small cabins that are facing the Llano River just outside of Austin, Texas. Being environmentalists, the friends’ goal was to build these homes in the most sustainable way possible.

These cabins, each of which cost around $40,000 were created by Matt Garcia, an architect.

The cabins offer slanted roofs with water barrels that can keep up to 5,000 gallons of rainwater, as well as reflective walls to prevent excessive heat inside during the summer and insulated windows.

The interior of these cabins are made with plywood that is cost-reducing and gives the homes a spacious and warm feel. The friends spend time there as much as they can and they also plan on retiring there.

Every 400-sq-ft cabin they have comes with a queen-sized bed, a couch, a porch, and a bathroom.

One of the residents, Fred Zipp, says that this is a magical place; however, it is arid. They are therefore doing all they can do reserve as much has water for the grass and trees.

His wife, Jodi Zipp, explains that she feels like they’re in a Disney movie- they have hare, bobcat, deer, and different birds. And, the more they spend time here, the more new things they discover.

If you want to learn more about this great initiative and a dream-come-true of a group of environmentalists, don’t miss out the video below:





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