DIY Anti-Inflammatory Honey & Turmeric Tonic + 2 Amazing Master Tonic Recipes

Before we go on to show you the recipe for this amazing anti-inflammatory and healing honey and turmeric tonic, it is important to explain what a tonic actually is. Namely, this is a substance which is consumed to provide a feeling of vigor and induce well-being.

This tonic with turmeric and honey is simple to make and requires only several, inexpensive ingredients. It can help you nourish your body and boost your health because it is made with some pretty amazing superfoods.

Check some of their best benefits below…

The Benefits of the Tonic’s Ingredients

  • Turmeric has a compound known as curcumin that has unique antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Ginger possesses antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits and can improve the digestive processes
  • Lemon is alkalizing and cleansing and it will also help improve the bowel movements, supply you with amazing vitamin C, and strengthen your immunity
  • Cayenne pepper boosts the blood flow, betters the metabolic rate, helps alleviate pain, and it is alkaline

Without doubt, this tonic is warming, comforting, citrusy, healing, comforting, tasty, and easy-to-prepare. It is best when consumed when you’re sick or feeling down, when you need to unwind or give your digestion a kick.

Also, it can help with upset stomach or warm you up during cold autumn and winter days. Come on; let’s check out the recipe together…

3-Ingredient DIY Turmeric & Honey Tonic

*this tonic is suitable for those who follow a vegan or a gluten-free diet

For 2 servings, you will need the following ingredients:

A tbsp of freshly-grated turmeric

A tbsp of freshly-grated ginger

A lemon, juiced (plus the rind)

2 tsp of maple syrup, optional

A pinch of cayenne pepper

3 cups of filtered water


In a saucepan, add the turmeric, ginger, lemon juice, the lemon rind, maple syrup, cayenne, and water. Simmer the ingredients to medium heat. Turn off the heat before it begins to boil. Then, put a small strainer on serving glasses and pour it.

If the tonic is too strong, dilute it freely with some warm water. Any leftovers can be kept in the fridge for 2 to 3 days. Before consumption, reheat the tonic to be warm.


2 Additional Master Tonic Recipes

  1. Flu season tonic

This tonic is an excellent option when you need to soothe a sore throat or reduce coughing. Moreover, it can be aid for nausea and other belly problems.

You will need:

2-inch fresh ginger, peeled and diced

2 cinnamon sticks

A tbsp of raw honey

A tbsp of fresh lemon juice


In a saucepan on medium heat, add the cinnamon, water, and ginger. Cover them with a lid and bring the water to boil. Then, lower the heat and leave it to simmer for 15 minutes while keeping the lid on. Afterwards, remove it from the heat and strain the content into mugs. Add lemon juice and honey.

2. Beet kvass

This probiotic-rich beverage is among the most popular drinks in Eastern Europe, Ukraine, and Russia. It is believed to help with the digestion, alkalize the body, detoxify the liver, and help dissolve kidney stones. Moreover, it can be of aid for better gallbladder function and improved bile flow. Opt for a 4-ounce glass in the morning and at night.

You will need the following ingredients for 2 quarts of beet kvass:

3 medium beets

A tbsp of sea salt if using a culture starter or 1 ½ tbsp if you’re not using a starter

¼ cup of liquid culture starter, juice from sauerkraut or whey

Filtered water


Wash the beets well and leave the skin on if they’re organic. If they’re not, peel it off. Then, cut them into smaller cubes and put them in a two-quart glass jar.

Add the sea salt and starter. Add filtered water and leave an inch of free space at the top. Cover the jar with a lid. Leave the jar for 3 to 7 days or until the desired taste is achieved. Then, put it in the fridge. Strain the beets and pour it in bottles.





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