This Cute-as-a-Button Cabin Costs only $700 to be Built

This couple from Montana built their own amazing tiny home. This a-frame cabin is definitely a dream-come-true for outdoorsy souls.

And, an even better thing about it is that it requires only a small investment to be built, i.e. $700.

Here’s how the couple managed to build this wonderful cabin for less than $1000.

Couple Builds a Beautiful Cabin for $700

Together with her husband, Alla Ponomereva loves to make tiny house DIY projects. They had 20 acres of land on their home property in Montana and decided to use it wisely.

They built a wonderful tiny a-frame cabin and completed it in 2018. It’s one of the most amazing cabins we’ve recently seen, that’s for sure.

Back in 2017, Alla and her husband spotted a design by Derek Deek Diedreksen for a tiny cabin in a-frame. They loved the design right away and said they had to try it one day.

They bought the plan soon and only with three weeks left from their summer vacation, they begun building it.

They knew they wouldn’t need a lot of time because the cabin is only 80-square foot. They assembled the floor first and then transported it to the location they’ve chosen on the land.

The next step was to build the walls and started to frame the windows. One of the contributing reasons to the low cost of this cabin was their upcycling of a lot of the materials and parts for the cabin.

For example, they used two small windows Ponomereva’s sister-in-law gave them to build a door. And, they used recycled wood for the door from an old deck while the handle on the door is an antler they found somewhere.

The Inside Is small, but it Is really Outstanding

The cabin has 2 beds which can be slid together and make one bed if needed. Ponomereva made her own custom mattresses and covers for the beds.

They also used old and aged wood and transformed it into a stunning countertop and logs for a natural looking porch steps.

They also wanted to make the cabin able to show them the stars while they’re lying in bed. One side of the cabin is a see-through moveable wall which enables enjoyable stargazing.

The cabin also offers a wrap-around porch, a kitchen with a cooking burner, a solar panel for power, an outdoor portable toilet, a hot tub, and a solar shower.

They built the cabin within three weeks. They made their personal, ideal outdoor getaway.

If you love this cabin and would definitely appreciate a night or two in it gazing at the stars, it’s actually doable. You can reserve it on Airbnb for around $230 per night.

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