Single Mom on the Verge of Becoming Homeless Builds a $10K Tiny Home

Life can be very challenging and sometimes, the difficulties we face can throw us off track. Life wasn’t at all good for a mother from Australia whose marriage was failing and she had to take care of her two children with no place to live.

She was on the verge of homelessness and was struggling to buy a home.

If she wanted one, Charlotte Sapwell was told that she needed to take on a $400,000 mortgage to be able to finance it. Though she wanted to begin a new life with her two children, having such a debt would be quite the burden.

So, she decided to give up on the idea of a mortgage and came up with another plan. Continue reading the article to learn more about this mother’s amazing life story…

Building Her Own Home & Rebuilding Her Life

Charlotte was firm in the decision to not take a mortgage and she came up with an excellent solution that will help her avoid a bank debt. Motivated by her children and supported by her grandfather, this amazing lady managed to build a 3×6 meter tiny home.

Her grandfather gave her the property and offered his wood-working knowledge. However, she built the house all by herself with only $10,000 that her grandfather loaned her.

In a period of five months, she created a beautiful space for herself and her children and it included a living space, a kitchen, and two bedrooms, one for her and another one for her children.

She notes that this is without doubt her favorite home. As the time goes by and her skills improve, Charlotte is updating and upgrading her home- she recently added a sliding bar door in the children’s room- how cool?!

The new skills she learned also helped her make fun toys for her boys, including and ice cream stand. Without doubt, everyone should be proud of this woman and what she achieved with her bare hands.

She never expected any popularity; however, she explains that this experience helped her realize that she’s not the only mother who is struggling with financial and housing problems.

Moreover, inspired by her situation, she began to speak publically about homelessness to help others who’re going through the same or similar situation.

You can find a lot of information about her life experience, including her divorce, home construction, and what happened afterwards on her Facebook page.

Despite a lot of positivity and acceptance from others, not all comments were positive. A lot of people have chosen to put her down, but this doesn’t affect her. She is trying to teach her children and women from the entire world that we can do everything we set our minds on.

In the future, she plans to open up a business of building and selling tiny homes for other people. She already has a first customer, i.e. her grandmother and the project will serve as a prototype for the next homes.