A Boozy Feral Pig Steals Beer, Gets Drunk & Begins a Fight with a Cow!

Believe it or not, a drunken feral pig caused a lot of trouble and left campers speechless when it began to run up and around a camp in Australia and also fought with a cow. The pig stole and drank six-packs of beer which were left by campers at the DeGrey River campsite in Port Hedland, Australia.

The animal also went on searching bin bags to find food before it began fighting and running away from the innocent cow! After the rampage, the pig swam into the middle of a river before it collapsed under a tree and fell asleep.

A camper named Merida told the story to the news and she explains how they heard some crunching in the garbage can in the middle of the night.

When they lighted the area, this is when they saw the pig. Other people who were camping near the river saw the pig running around their vehicle and being chased by a cow!

When they came near the pig later on in the night, it was sleeping and hiding in a big log, on the edge of the water. They note that the pig was there for several days; however, they didn’t immediately see it.

Who could’ve thought that a pig could get drunk and cause such a mess?!

Before heading out, don’t forget to check out the video below and learn more about this surprising event:





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