Meet Kobe, the Cutest Baby Chef & Internet’s Latest Inspiration- We Can’t Stop Smiling

If you’re looking for some joy and inspiration in these days of pandemic, lockdown, and quarantine, you should definitely check out Kobe- the youngest chef you’ve ever seen and probably, the cutest one.

Kobe is a toddler who’s very popular on social media, especially on TikTok where you can see him prepping a fancy dinner with Mac and cheese and asparagus and grilled steak.

Isn’t he amazing?

Kobe is also on Instagram and both of these social media are managed by his parents.

They show Kobe on his culinary adventures and we ensure you-every next video and photo is cuter than the last one.

Even though the boy can’t yet speak probably, he definitely loves cooking. He makes it look so fun and satisfying and it can even make the biggest cook sceptics to fall in love with cooking.

Adorable Chef with Amazing Culinary Abilities

This cute chef is a perfect example you needn’t go to culinary school to become a popular chef.

His mother, Ashley Wian is a co-host on the Z Morning Zoo show that airs in Norfolk, Virginia and she recently discovered that her boy loves helping her out in the kitchen.

Soon enough, she started filming him and this is how the adorable star was born.

The beginning of his popularity was when his mother took a photo of the boy wearing the cutest chef hat you ever seen and held ‘Hello Fresh’ card.

His mother is a fan of the meal delivery service and has been a subscriber for several years now.

Best Helper in the Kitchen?

She likes their simplicity and she enlisted her toddler as a helper! Her followers loved this post and Ashley decided to take Kobe’s ‘cooking’ to the next level.

Soon enough, she began sharing short videos that featured everyone’s favourite baby chef and also opened up his own Instagram page.

You don’t know what’s funnier- his photos or his mother’s cute captions.

Our personal favourite is definitely ‘tonight we made chicken penne alla vodka. We also made gigantic mess and drank heavy cream. But, that’s okay because we had fun while doing it’.

Move over Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay- there’s a new celebrity chef in town and you can’t compete with his sweetness and culinary skills!

Before heading out, don’t forget to check out Kobe’s Instagram and follow him on his culinary adventures!





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