There Is a Mystical Forest in Belgium all Carpeted with Bluebell Flowers

At first sight, you may think these photos are unreal and that this fairytale-like forest doesn’t exist.

But, the tall and thin trees, the winding trail, and the lush blue flowers that extend as far as your eyes can see, are real and they grow in an amazing Belgium forest.

The forest known as Hallerbos or Halle Forest in Dutch looks like right out of the fairytales because of its dense blue flower carpet.

Hallerbos Forest, One of the Best Tourist Destinations in Belgium

These flowers, known as bluebells, bloom in spring and early summer. They have a unique explosion of blue and violet flowers.

This amazing nature full of spring blooms is a major tourist attraction and a great place to take stunning photos.

Photographers love the foggy conditions when they add to the mysterious and gloomy atmosphere.

Some claim that the dense bloom of bluebells is an indicator of how old the forest is.

And, this doesn’t mean that the trees are old, but that this area has been wooded for at least 300 to 400 years!

Wow! Amazing, isn’t it?

Wonderful Forest like from the Fairytales in Belgium

The photos we’ll show later were taken by Killian Schonberger and show the stunning Bluebell flowers that are currently in peak season.

They have started blooming this month and will continue so until May. They look like a magical purple carpet under the trees.

The forest spreads on 2.25 square miles and there’s one walking path and three other marked trails.

Drones aren’t allowed in the forest and you need to ask for a specific permission if you want to photograph the forest.

Since the soil and flowers are quite sensitive, all visitors are advised to stay on the marked path only.

If you want to visit this stunning park, you can do it by car or by train and then rent a bicycle that will get you right into the forest.

It’s only 10 minutes by train from Brussels and 2.5 hour-trip from Amsterdam.

But, this isn’t the only place where you can see this stunning bluebell flowers- they can be found across Europe and in the UK.

Before you head out, check out the collection of photos from the forest and enjoy:





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