Video Shows Yosemite National Park Full of Animals in the Absence of Humans

Without doubt, many of our readers will agree that trips to national parks are some of the best adventures. It’s an awesome way to connect with nature and the animals that live there.

We also visit wildlife to learn more about them, but also enjoy long walks, relax, and connect with nature.

But, a lot of the wild animals there aren’t necessarily ‘pleased’ to see so many humans and they actually don’t want us too near their habitat.

Wildlife national parks, especially during the spring and summer, can be really noisy and crowded. And, this isn’t necessarily something wildlife enjoys.

But, things seem to have changed; at least this is the case in the Yosemite National Park.

Animals Living in the Park Are Enjoying the Human Absence

In a video that was shared by the Yosemite National Park, groups of coyotes, bobcats, and deer have been spotted wandering around.

They seem to really enjoy the park, particularly as its human visitors have reduced because of the lockdowns.

National parks should be all about nature and animals- but, in a lot of popular parks, the situation is quite different.

The parking lots are full, there are parked trails with hikers, and the forests are anything but quiet.

Even though a lot has changed for humans recently, it’s certainly hopeful seeing nature carrying on as it always does.

Spring seems to be slowly entering the valley and the sun is emerging after the rain and snow.

Wildlife is activated, waterfalls are amazing. This video is without doubt a proof that animals don’t always like us being that close to their natural habitat.

Closed Down for Visitors because of the Coronavirus

On the 20th of March, the Yosemite National Park closed down after the recommendations from the local health department.

The health officials have continuously warned about the dangers of crowds and the importance of social distancing.

Around 100 to 200 employees take care of this amazing wildlife park.

Surely, the park won’t remain always like this forever and neither would we like it to be like this.

We want to be able to go back to these amazing places and explore nature. But, in the meantime, it’s amazing seeing animals reining their habitat.

Before heading out, don’t forget to check out the video and enjoy the beauty of nature and wildlife in one of the most popular national parks in the world!





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