101-Year-Old Mother Cared for Her Disabled Son Aged 63- Mother’s Love Is True Love

Meliah Md Diah had 101 years when she died back in 2015.

Despite her age, she was known as a very tough lady who had no record of a chronic illness and took care for her disabled son until her last breath.

Since she gave birth to one of her sons, Abdul Saud who was physically-challenged and unable to speak, walk or lead a normal life, she became his keeper.

She always said that her son has never been a burden to her and since a baby; she bathed, fed, and clothed him. She said that she would take care for him forever and she loves him and wants to be with him.

She was acceptant of her situation and has never regretted having a physically-impaired child.

I’ll Always Take Care for My Son, Claimed Md Diah

Her grandniece, Siti Yunus said that the story of her grandmother is the perfect example of how far a mother’s sacrifice for her child can go.

Yunus explains that even though Meliah’s memory was declining because of her age, she would never forget her son’s name and the daily things she has to do for him.

She kept calling him for meals and for baths until her last days, added her niece.

Her grandfather, Meliah’s husband, Saud, died long time ago, as well as their other three children, two men and one woman at a young age.

Meliah had no income for long and depended solely on the monthly RM450 assistance and the RM300 from the Social Welfare Department.

Motherhood, the Divine Journey

Indeed, this mother’s sacrifice shows how special motherhood is- from the moment they give birth, their new roles begin and they end when their lives end- no matter their children’s age, a mother is always a mother to her child.

They have so much selfless love-she will do everything she can to make her children happy, there will be sleepless nights, worrisome days, but their love is always there, unconditional and divine-like.

A mother is happy when her child is happy.





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