Norwegian Forest Cats, the Pets of the Vikings

Do you know about the Norwegian forest cat? The fluffy one with the long tail?

This cat is one of the most popular cat breeds in the Nordic countries. They’re also one of the most popular choices for pets in these countries, as well as in France.

They’re believed to have been brought by the Vikings to Norway from the British archipelago during the middle Ages.

Since then, these cats became gradually accustomed to the colder climate in the Scandinavian region.

This is why they have a beautiful long fur, a much longer one in comparison to that of other cat breeds.

The Interesting & Mysterious Norwegian Cats

The Norwegian forest cat may be a mixture of cats brought from the Vikings and several longhaired cats brought by the Crusaders in Norway.

These longhaired cats were likely from the breed known as Turkish Angora.

The Norwegian forest cats are very similar to their Siberian counterparts. Several legends recount their ancestors as the mountain-dwelling fairy cats with amazing climbing skills.

In addition to being used on sea during the Viking raids as mousers, they were also prized for their hunting skills in medieval Norway and for their climbing on farms.

The Breed almost Got Extinct in the 20th Century

In the mid 20th century, the breed almost got extinct; however, thanks to the efforts by the Norwegian Forest Cat Club, they were saved with a special breeding program.

The cat can weigh up to amazing 16 pounds and they have high fluffiness. Up to 75 percent of fur, they’re a wonderful cuddle pet.

Their coat is double and dense and they have a down-like layer underneath and a water-resistant layer on top which ensures they stay warm during the long and cold Nordic winters.

The Norwegian forest cats have been registered at the European Federation International Feline in the early 70s by a cat enthusiast and named the national cat of the country.

Are you a cat lover? Would you keep this cat in your home? Anyhow, it’s definitely an amazing and mystic breed.

Before heading out, check out several videos of this wonderful breed:




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