Every Year, this Hummingbird Comes Back to the Man Who Saved It

Even when he’s just sitting, Michael Cardenaz is a man who can’t go unnoticed- he’s ripped, has huge muscles, and is quite tall.

Plus, he’s been a part of the law enforcement for 14 years. He was a SWAT team member and how he works as an agent for the Homeland Security.

He loves running, German shepherds, and riding his Harley Davidson.

One day back in 2016 when he was sitting in his yard in Grovetown, Georgia, a ruby-throated hummingbird buzzed near his hand and then landed in his hand.

Cardenaz recalls how he was a bit shocked by the whole situation- he thought to himself that random hummingbirds don’t just land in his hand.

Then, he thought it may be one of his rescues!

Cardenaz, the ‘Hummingbird Nurse’

Cardenaz may be a man who wears a lot of hats for his rough job; however, a tiny bird knew him by another role that he often plays, i.e. a hummingbird nurse.

The creature rested peacefully and faithfully in his hand and it turned out to be his former ‘patient’ and an old buddy from the previous summer.

In the summer months, Cardenaz always had hummingbirds around and every now and then, some of them would get hurt.

One of his dogs actually brought a hummingbird to Cardenaz in his mouth, dropped it at his feet, and began to bark.

The bird had an injured wing. He examined the bird carefully and he noticed that its wings were almost like plastic.

They were almost transparent and it was broken and it couldn’t fly.

Cardenaz Nursed the Bird to Health

After he talked with some of his good friends who worked in wildlife rescues, Cardenaz did everything in his power to heal the bird’s wings.

The healing process took a lot of sugar water and time.

Luckily, the hummingbird’s wings were repaired. And, it flew again. The bird didn’t buzz off, but decided to remain at the property of Cardenaz.

Cardenaz named the hummingbird Buzz and Buzz hang around Cardenaz’s house all summer long before it started migrating to warmer climates.

Cardenaz thought he wouldn’t see Buzz again. But, the next spring, Buzz came back!

Cardenaz explains that he believes that animals are attracted to him for some reason- he’s helped foxes, rabbits, deer, squirrels, and more.

Some people even call him Dr. Doolittle!