Princess Sofia of Sweden Is Volunteering at a Hospital to Help with the Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic is cutting the traditional duties of the European royal families; however, social distancing recommendations aren’t averting them from helping.

Following the footsteps of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the princess of Sweden, Sofia, will give her part to help in the fight against the coronavirus in her country.

The Princess participated in an online training program to be of aid to nurses who’re on the frontline in the fight against the virus in the Sophiahemmet Hospital where she’s the Honorary Chair member.

The Princess isn’t the only one who will help through this program-there are at least 80 individuals per week who’ve also underwent the training to help in the emergency efforts.

But, the Princess Won’t Directly Interact with Patients

Even though it’s confirmed that the princess of Sweden will help in this hospital, a spokeswoman for the hospital said that the 35-year-old royal won’t be in direct contact with any of the patients.

She will be helping the nurses and doctors with housekeeping tasks like kitchen work, disinfection of medical equipment, and cleaning.

The hospital doesn’t have confirmed cases yet even though the country has 12,500 confirmed cases.

Below, check out a photo of the princess on her first day of work wearing blue and white scrubs and white sneakers.

Support During these Hard & Challenging Times

The royal court said in their statement that the Princess expressed her wishes to help in the crisis as a volunteer and reduce the burden of health care workers.

On the royal Instagram page where she regularly posts with her husband, Prince Carl Philip, the Princess wrote that she’s honoured to be of aid.

She’s grateful to have the chance to assist in these times and that this is very rewarding experience.

The hospital has had an ongoing relationship with the Swedish royal family which dates back to 1884 when the Queen Sofia of Sweden and Norway sponsored its education programs for nurses.

Prince Philip and Princess Sofia are married and have two children, Prince Alexander and Prince Gabriel.



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