Bulldog Loves Looking at People through Hole in Fence so Owners Pain Adorable Costumes

Dogs, like humans, are curious by nature, but it can be a real obstacle when you’re very short and you can’t even see what’s happening beyond your yard.

At least this is the ‘problem’ of a 3-year-old English bulldog that lives in Denmark and is named Bogart.

He went viral after someone photographed him staring through a fence hole that was painted on the outside with a royal robe and a crown.

The video from Bogart was shared more than 62,000 times on Facebook.

Bogart’s Owners Decided to Put Holes in their Fence

Ranveig Levinsen who’s owner of Bogart said that her family has 2 English bulldogs- a 7-year-old Winston that’s female and Bogart that’s male.

The neighborhood knows them well as their house is very close to a path for hiking. People are passing by regularly and are taking photos of the dogs.

Sometimes, they stop and give them a snack or talk to them. Levinsen explained that Winston would always jump over the fence so her husband made a new one and put holes in it.

Now both dogs can watch outside without escaping. They say that they thought it would be interesting to have something like what you see in amusement parks where you poke the head through and have photos taken.

However, since her husband isn’t good with painting, they asked for help from their youngest daughter who’s the author of the costumes on the outside of the fence.

The family also noted that when Bogart was born, he refused walking and they had to carry him out.

They describe him as special, cute, and loving-however, he’s also very stubborn and doesn’t like walks.

The Family Is Planning to Insert more Holes

Levinsen said that the family is planning on adding one more hole and paint them with different costume.

After their viral video, the dogs have become quite the attraction- random people are recognizing them on the street and taking photos of them.

The owners believe that people are in love with their story because it’s genuine and of course, because they look goofy.

When both dogs pick through the holes, they look like a king and a jester.

Quarantine time has definitely brought some fun and enjoyment for the Levinsen family, as well as for the passers-by.

Before heading out, don’t forget to check out the video of sweet Bogart staring through the fence-he’s a real king, isn’t he?





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