This Succulent Has See-Through Leaves & They Look like Shiny Gems

If you’re a newbie in plants and gardening, succulents can be the best choice for you. They’re low maintenance desert plants which look amazing and thrive easily.

You can find them in numerous shapes and sizes and you can easily grow a collection.

Some succulents may actually look unreal- one of the most enchanting succulent known as the star window plant or the cushion aloe is already taking over the internet.

Scientifically known as haworthia cooperi, it has one-of-a-kind leaves that look like they’re bubbles filled with water.

These ‘bubbles’ shine so cool when exposed to light and look like they’re small precious gems.

The see-through leaves of this unique succulent have definitely caught the eyes of plant lovers worldwide.

And, even though you may already have too many plants, you’ll certainly try and make place for this small stunner.

The Amazing Haworthia Cooperi with See-Through Leaves

This slow grower succulent originates from the Eastern Cape Province in South Africa. It has densely packed fleshy blue and green leaves that form a rosette.

Similarly to other succulents, it needs sunlight and water to survive. Even though it loves brightness, avoid too many hours of exposure to direct sunlight- this can harm the plant.

It can burn the see-through gentle balls. Place it in a location where it will get 4 to 5 hours of daily sun so it can thrive.

When choosing soil for it, make sure it’s a well-draining one. And, water the plant only when the soil is entirely dry!

With succulents, it’s always better to not water them as opposed to overwatering them.

It can be an excellent gift for your plant loving family and friends.

You can also share it with them by cutting some of their see-through leaves and place it in soil to begin rooting. Don’t overwater the soil to ensure it roots properly.

Before heading out, don’t forget to check out the wonderful photos of this unusual succulent:




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