Dog Meets Sibling from same Litter at a Park & They Instantly Start Hugging

Two dogs from the same litter got reunited in a park after being separated and had the cutest reaction to each other.

This story has stirred the emotional side of people on the internet and people are falling in love with their story.

The 2 cockapoos went viral for their heartwarming reunion after they were separated while still puppies.

As with most dog litters, most of the puppies are separated from each other around 8 weeks of age.

These puppies are gifted or sold individually because most people can’t take care of an entire litter which can consist of around a dozen of puppies.

Although the dogs will adapt to this as they’re very young, it seems that the bond with their pups is forever.

This is at least what this story has to say.

Let’s check it out- make sure you have some tissues with you-it’s quite emotional!

Reunited Sibling Dogs Have the Most Unique Reaction to Each Other

The cockapoos named Monty and Rosie are from the same litter and were born in June 2019.

When they were still together, they were inseparable. The litter had a total of 6 dogs according to the owner of Rosie, Susan.

Monty and Rosie ‘hang out’ the most in the litter. But, when they were the right age, Susan adopted Rosie and Monty was adopted by a friend of hers who lives in a village nearby.

10 months after they headed to their new homes, their owners decided to organize them a surprise reunion in a park. This was the best decision they made!

As soon as they walked up to each other, they immediately leaped into the most unique hug.

Their owners recall how lovely it was to see this- the siblings were jumping up and hugging each other.

They were even more amazed by the fact that the puppies still remembered one another after 10 months of being separated!

Once their story was shared online by one Libby Pincher, it went viral- people were positively surprised by their bond.

 Namely, Pincher’s dad was at the park at the time of the reunion and texted his daughter with a photo of the encounter and wrote the following:

‘So, Dave was out walking his dog and there was a couple walking towards him with a white version of his dog.

Turns out they’re brother and sister from the same litter. But instead of just playing like they do with other dogs, look at this.’

Other users were encouraged and began sharing photos of their own dogs hugging their best dog friends. Some called this dog hug the ‘tango hug’.





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