Combine the Man-Cave & the She-Shed into One Construction Called We-Shed

Many of you have probably heard or even have their own man cave or a special area in the home or in the yard which is dedicated only to man’s stuff, as well as she-sheds, the female versions.

These are very practical and private spaces that give the unique opportunity to both men and women to relax in their most favorite way without getting bothered by others.

And, now, believe it or not, there’s a beneficial way to combine these men ‘caves’ and she ‘sheds’ into a one structure known as the ‘we-shed’ and still be separated together.

How is this possible?- Let’s learn more…

What Is a We-Shed & Why Can It Be Amazing for You?

We-sheds are two individual sheds- one for the man and one for the woman and they share one deck.

Every person can freely use their sheds to have some solo time and when they want to, they can come together in the middle and have a cute picnic together or knock at each other’s doors for a visit.

This project is the brainchild of a building company from Houston known as the Portable Buildings of Greater Houston and it was made upon a client’s request.

In case you’re outside of this area, yet you would love this we-shed, any local company should be able to make something similar and give you the opportunity to customize the layout.

A we-shed is growing in popularity because of the unique way it combines the popular she-sheds and man-caves.

The interior can be decorated according to your personal likings and luckily, if you don’t have an inspo, there’s a lot of it to be found on the internet.

Some use their sheds for gardening, meditation, yoga or art and others prefer it minimal and squeaky clean.

Man caves are known for sports, hardware, games or simply a cozy lounge area for some quality time alone.

Before heading out, check out some amazing shed inspiration:





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