Holographic Hair Is the Hottest (and most Magical) Hair Trend of 2020

In these uncertain times, add some vibrancy and color to your life- dye your hair with the newest holographic hair trend!

What began as an obsession with unicorn-inspired accessories turned into a full outfit with horn nails, iridescent glowing cheekbones, holographic lips, and now, the most magical hair trend you could think of- holographic hair.

According to experts, this is the must-have hair color for this year. Holographic hair is a combination of high-gloss pastel highlights which seem to change colours when we look at them.

The colours are properly placed to ensure a 3D holographic effect. It can be achieved with any base color; however, it works the best with platinum blonde hue.

Holographic Hair: The Must Have Otherworldly Hair Color

Even though it’s the most desired hair trend for this year, getting it isn’t easy- you need a professional colourist to properly apply the numerous shades to achieve the unique hair look.

But, if you consider yourself skilled in hair colouring, you can try it out yourself.

Same as with any pastel-hued dye job, if you have brown hair or darker you’ll have to bleach it first on order to achieve result with the lighter shades.

This may require several sessions, depending on how dark your base color is. But, don’t worry-soon, you can have the holographic hair of your dreams.

How to Care for Your Holographic Hair

After achieving the holographic hair trend you wanted, it’s important to keep good care of it, as with any hair that’s been treated with color.

First and foremost, it’s important to use appropriate products that are designed for coloured hair. Then, to achieve the full free vibes of the holographic trend and to give it some rest, rock it with a mousse instead of using heat to get natural bouncy curls or waves.

Hair serums can also be a great idea- they’re suitable for short, medium, and long hair- they keep it strong and give it a glossy finish.

And, last but not least, holographic hair looks amazing; however, it’s not a low maintenance style.

It’s a color trend which needs a regular maintenance. Schedule them with your colourist or handle it on your own to ensure you always have a fresh look.





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