Loyal German Shepherd Steps Up to Be Protector of an Orphaned Baby Deer

If you would ask someone to describe a dog to you, 90 percent of them would probably say they’re loyal protectors.

Indeed, throughout the centuries, dogs are known to be our biggest helpers, but of other animals as well, when they need some protection whether from some other dog or some potential threat.

Dogs are also amazing friends with animals from different species, and this is the case with this 9-year-old German Shepherd Sarge who befriended an orphaned fawn which his owner Cheryl Stephen brought at home one day.

Sarge & Baby Deer Become Best Friends

Cheryl found the baby deer on the side of the road and wanted to help her so she took her in. But, she wasn’t sure how her dog at home would react.

But, once she brought in the deer, the dog immediately came and began comforting the poor animal.

They were soon inseparable. Cheryl named the deer Buckwheat.

When Buckwheat entered their home, something happened with Sarge, claims Sheryl, and he immediately began helping with every part of the deer’s care. He somehow became her guardian.

As Buckwheat was recuperating and got back on its feet and grew, Sarge was excited to show her around and Buckwheat followed him everywhere.

They were like brother and sister. Whenever Sarge would go out on a walk, Buckwheat would also come. Sarge made sure she’s okay and helped her stay close and not wander off.

Buckwheat Grows too Big for Her to Stay in their Home

With the time passing by, the young deer grew up and eventually, it didn’t need the help from Sarge or Sheryl and the house became too small for her.

This is when Sheryl decided it was time to bring the deer back home, i.e. in the wild. Although they released her in the wild, Sarge wasn’t done with his deer protégés!

Sarge Continues Befriending Baby Deer

Sheryl kept on bringing other deer to her home that needed rehabilitation, either from some injury or because they were left alone.

Each time, with every new deer, Sarge got even more excited. But, not all of the deer made it through; still, Sheryl and Sarge did their best to help them as much as they could.

Sheryl explains that whenever she brought a new fawn home, Sarge will immediately get into action-he will keep an eye on them, sniff them to check them out, and spend time near them making sure they feel safe.

What an amazing dog, isn’t he?




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