Man Creates Indoor Fake Tree for a Cat & the ‘Master’ Approves of It

Rob Rogalski is an artist and designer whose life goal has been creating whimsical art that is able to transport people into a fantasy world which feels more than real. The indoor fake tree installations are his most popular projects.

Rogalski’s work, even though it’s pleasing for humans, it’s also fun for the feline world- his latest stunning tree installation is the ideal getaway for adventurous cats.

He made the installation in a friend’s home and it took them a whole summer- it’s a unique, custom-made, on-site creation for cats to have fun while indoors.

But, he’s made a lot of other tree installations for different customers- they’re a real piece of art, without doubt!

Rogalski’s Stunning Indoor Fake Tree Installation

When he creates an installation, Rogalski explains that the first thing is creating the design and then building the tree according to the needs of the location in question and the client’s preferences.

Each of the trees he makes is distinct and he calls this an organic process.

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When he makes the long-term installations, for example, cat trees, beds, furniture, reading nooks, etc. he begins by constructing a wooden armature to get the structure.

The next step is attaching carve sheets or foam blocks which he later covers with paper clay.

Afterwards, he mixes it with heavy duty wooden glue which is highly durable and strong glue.

What about less Permanent Installations?

For the short-term installations that demand for less structure, for example, a store-front display or a theatre set, he builds a ‘tree’ from cardboard and paper mache paste.

Sometimes, he does a combo of both techniques, which is still highly durable.

If you want this type of tree-like installation, for example, in your children’s room, due to the great work and material involved, Rogalski will charge you minimum $4000 to $5000.

And, this price doesn’t include the supplies which you have to buy separately.

Ultimately, the total bill will also depend on the size and any extras involved. Rogalski also adds that the materials and supplies he needs to get the project done vary from job to job and the time needed.

Would you commission this artist to build you a tree in your home or elsewhere? Tell us your thoughts about Rogalski’s work in the comment section below!

Before heading out, don’t forget to check out some photos of Rogalski’s amazing works:





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