Man Discovers a Family of Mice Living in His Garden & Builds Them a Miniature Village

Simon Dell is a wildlife photographer who was more than happy when he saw a family of mice living in his garden so much that he built them a wonderful miniature village.

So, he decided to do something for them- he built them a small village to live in.

While photographing the birds in his garden, he noticed some movement on the ground.

He pointed his camera towards the grass and saw a mouse standing up like a meerkat in the freshly-cut grass.

He named the mouse Stuart and gave him food and some shelter. He began to document his escapades until the spring of 2018 when he was no longer there- he left.

Other Mice Seem to Love Dell’s Garden

Since Stuart went away, other mice have taken over the garden-one of them had quite a distinctive feature that made him stood up among the others.

At first, there was only one mouse, recalls Dell. This mouse had a cut in the ear and he named him George.

He piled up several small logs around one box as a home for him and covered it with straw and moss to seem as a shelter. It protected the mouse from hungry cats in the neighborhood.

Soon after George, he noticed other mice too. Several days later, there were more mice- they came out for food.

Dell Builds a Home for the Mice

Dell wanted to provide a safe haven for the mice in his garden to prevent them from becoming a prey to other animals.

Plus, as he’s a photographer of wildlife, he wanted a beautiful habitat surrounding the tiny creatures for the photos he was taking.

In a period of several months, he started working on the tiny home he built for his friends. They’re now protected from cold weather, have a fence, and a cute interior space where they can play.

Soon enough, people from around the globe were sending him miniature gifts to use in the mice’s home and use it to make beautiful photos.

Dell explains that the mice are still living in his garden. He sees them coming out during the day for food which is almost always gone by the next morning.

He also gives them feathers from old pillows which they take inside and use them to stay warm during the cold winter nights in UK.

Check out these stunning photos Dell made from the miniature village and the mice that live in it:

If you want to see George chewing down on some delicious berries, check out the video below:





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